What is that bright object next to the moon?


Venus and the moon have been lighting up the sky delighting early rising stargazers.

Here is a selection of your photos.

Bradford Abbas, near Sherborne in Dorset. Posted on Istagram by Tim ClarkImage copyright Tim Clark/@buildark
Image caption Tim Clark posts from Dorset on Instagram: “Lovely early morning walk today. Cold and crisp…. potential Christmas card picture?”
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Venus and MoonImage copyright Louise Robinson
Image caption This purple picture was captured by Louise Robinson in Sheffield.
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Moon and VenusImage copyright @DavidBflower
Image caption David Blanchflower, who says he is an amateur astrophysicist and astrophotographer, shared this shot from Newcastle Upon Tyne, on social media.
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Moon and VenusImage copyright Gavin Matthews
Image caption Gavin Matthews posted on Twitter: “#moon and #venus on a chilly morning at #heathrow”
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Moon and VenusImage copyright Free Walking Tours Howth
Image caption The moon and Venus hanging about together in the early morning in Howth, Dublin
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Fabra Observatory, BarcelonaImage copyright Alfons Puertas
Image caption Alfons Puertas’s view from the Fabra Observatory, in Barcelona. He posts: “Watching #Moon and #Venus at #dawn from #Barcelona #obsFabra @StormHour”
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All photographs belong to the copyright holders as marked.


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